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​​​​​​Human’s illnesses cannot be treated separately, we are one, and what happens emotionally affect us physically and spiritually and vice versa. Our bodies have to be treated as a whole, getting rid of our emotional blockages that also cause physical pain is the mission of the Certified Therapist Ester Vines. By the use of non-invasive therapies such as Biomagnetism, Tapping, Reiki, Hypnotherapy and Reconective Healing, Ester has being able to help many people with different problem such as:

* Acne * Aids * Allergies * Alzheimers * Anemia * Anxiety * Arrhythmia
* Arthritis * Asthma * Attention Deficit Disorder * Autism
* Back, Neck, Joints and Muscle Pain
* Candida * Carpal Tunnel * Chronic Fatigue * Chronic Pain
* Depression * Diabetes * Digestive Disorders
* Emot*ional Issues * Extreme Fatigue * Eczema
* Fibromyalgia * Flu * Fungus
* Glandular Dysfunctions
* Heartburn * Herpes * Hepatitis * High Cholesterol
* Impotency * Infertility
* Low Libido * Lyme’s Disease * Lupus * Low Energy
* Meningitis * Menopause and Pre-menopause Symptoms * Migraines
* Parasites * Parkinson's * pH Imbalance * PMS * Psoriasis * Pain
* Poor Circulation * Pulmonary Disorders
* Sciatica * Sexual Disorders * Sinusitis * Skin Disorders * Stress
* Rheumatism * Ulcers * Varicose Veins
* Tendinitis * Tennis Elbow
* and many others....

        ​​Alternative Medicine
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       Ester Vines
Meet Tyler, his mother brought him to see me about two years ago, he had a brain tumor , doctors wanted to have a surgery knowing that he might have end up blind or in a vegetative state. He had five sessions with me, but since the first one his spasms started to diminish. Yesterday his mom sent me this picture where you can see a happy Tyler after getting the results of the MRI and there is no signs of the tumor. Yay!